About Fishes!!

Fishes are aquatic vertebrates covered in scales. They have two sets of paired fins and several other unpaired fins. They are a very big source of food from people all around the world. They can be farmed like cattle; this is called aquaculture instead of agriculture. Fish keep thier eyes open while they sleep.

Megamouth Shark

The animal we chose to research further for Chordata - Fish is the megamouth shark. The megamouth shark reproduces sexually. The unique mating behavior they have is that they are ovoviviparous which means that they produce eggs within the body. Megamouth sharks are omnivores. They eat plankton, krill, and small fish. Megamouth sharks live in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean. Thier habitat is the ocean zone. They adapted to survive by living in depths of 13,000 feet. There have only been 39 megamouth specimens caught or sighted.

Vertebrate or Invertebrate

Fishes are vertebrates.

Warm-blooded or Cold-blooded

Fishes are cold-blooded.

Type of Symmetry

Fishes have bilateral symmetry.