About Arthropods!!

Arthropods are the largest group of invertebrates. Arthropoda means "jointed foot". Arthropodas have exoskeletons. Arthropods live in almost all the habitats in the world.


The animal chosen to research for Arthropods is the . Crabs reproduce sexually. A unique mating behavior they have is that they exchange sperm with females. Crabs are omninores. They eat algae, mollusks, worms, fungi, bacteria, detritus. Crabs is found in all five of the world's oceans. Thier habitat is estuaries along coasts. They adapted to survive by getting out of thier shell and finding a new one to protect it from danger.

Vertebrate or Invertebrate

Arthropods are invertebrates.

Warm-blooded or Cold-blooded

Arthropods are cold-blooded.

Type of Symmetry

Arthropods have bilateral symmetry.